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Based at both Bangkok and Chiang Mai, we service airports across….

At Air inter transport we are dedicated to providing our clients with a safe, convenient and affordable charter flight service that makes travelling anywhere in the country a positive pleasure. Established in 2013, we are one of the very first private air charter companies to offer such a service in Thailand and we aim to be the first choice for people who believe time is a valuable asset that should not be wasted. Based in Don Muang Bangkok, we service airports across the country and are often able to accommodate short notice bookings.

Safe, Comfortable and Convenient

Wherever you are flying from, you are guaranteed a warm welcome from our team and a friendly and professional service. We are able to provide our customers with cheap charter flights, without making any compromises as far as quality is concerned, as you will discover. Safety is an issue on which no respectable airline compromises of course and our comprehensive training and maintenance policies ensure a safe and comfortable flight for all. We offer very well maintained aircrafts, highly accumulated flight time pilots and an experienced technical team.

Min Travelling Time

We shorten travelling time for destinations underserved by big airlines. You can fly directly to places on your demand and avoid delay from road congestion. There will be no more hassle during check in and airport security. You need only 15 minutes to show up before flight time.

You will be delighted to discover that our charter rates are far more reasonable than private jet-engined aircraft

One factor that often deters people from chartering a plane when they need to get somewhere in a hurry is the high prices that are charged by many small airlines. The cost of aviation fuel unfortunately means that private jets are likely to remain the preserve of the rich and famous for the foreseeable future but our economical fleet of aircraft enables us to fly you wherever you desire at affordable price. You will be delighted to discover that private plane charter rates for turboprop models are far more reasonable than for private jet-engined aircraft.

Exclusive Service

The principle behind our charter flight service is to be ready to fly you comfortably to any location in the country whenever you wish. Whilst we do of course have to consider the availability of slots at the airports in question and prevailing weather conditions, we always strive to fit in with your travel schedules rather than insisting that you fit in with ours. Many of the routes that we can fly are not serviced by major airlines so a private charter flight is the only practical choice if time is of the essence.

Why Us?

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