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About Us

Company Profile

Budgetlines, one of the first affordable general aviation in Thailand, was established by Air Inter Transport Co.,Ltd. Since 2015. We hold an active AOC and operate under the regulation of the Civil aviation authority of Thailand. Our specialisation is in connecting people to regional, underserviced airports with no route by big airliners. Among our customers, popular destinations are Bangkok – Huahin, Bangkok – Kao yai, Bangkok – Buriram, Bangkok – Phitsanulok, Chiang mai – Pai, Chiang mai – Mae hong son, Chiang mai – Chiang rai , Chiang mai – Nan

Company Objectives

To recognise opportunity from superior geographical base, since Bangkok is surrounded by emerging markets and very well positioned to be the aviation hub of SEA nations. As a result of the future regional integration, people movement will greatly increase but there will be a huge lack in mode of transportations.

To offer a reasonable price and worthwhile service to the underserved small aircraft market.

Team Members

We deliberately bring in only highly experienced personnels to make sure that highest possible safety standard is upholded.


CAPT. Ritthichai Niyomchoke

Chief Pilot

Experience : Total time 13,600.00 HRS. Flight Instructor 7,8000.00 HRS. Single-Engine Land 7,620.00 HRS. Multi – Engine Land 6,010.00 HRS


Boonying Kongkeo

Chief Technician

Experience : Local – Thai airways, Thai flying club, Chiengmai flying club
International – Air America, Singapore General Aviaition Service, Bird Air