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Below are examples of popular destination to inform you of flying time. If you have other destinations in mind please feel free to fill in our quotation form.

Single Trip
Round Trip

Piper Chieftain
Twin propeller with turbo charger producing 350 hps. 10 seats. Max speed 180 knts/hrs. Ground speed 325km/hrs. Max Altitude 10,000 fts.

Max Flying range 4 hrs. High tech aviation system: NAV, GPS, Autopilot, Weather radar.

All range of modern amenities provided on board: air conditioned, leather upholstery, free beverages.

Reliable performance since all aircraft have been certified airworthiness by US standard (FAA) and Department of Civil aviation.

Safety for travellers is ensured by twin engines.

Despite being small, the aircraft can deliver very fast speed offering more or less similar travelling time to jet engine aircraft.

This high performance aircraft can fly at very high altitude, avoid wind turbulence and give passengers comfort.

Most suitable for passengers flying to small up country airports, the aircraft requires little space for safe landing.