Pai – Attractions, Accommodation and Travel

Located in the north-west of Thailand in Mae Hong Song province, Pai is one of the

most popular tourist destinations north of Chiang Mai. Once an unremarkable market

village, with the exception of its Shan influence, tourism is now the mainstay of this

destination popular with backpackers, hikers, nature enthusiasts, and local tourists.

The strikingly beautiful mountainous terrain is the main attraction for most visitors, as

are the colourful ethnic hill-tribe peoples who reside in close proximity to the village.

Attractions in Pai

With scenery and vistas rightly described as ‘postcard-perfect’, making your way out

of the village of Pai and into the surrounding countryside isn’t to be overlooked. Pai

River cuts through the village and offers activities like rafting, both bamboo and white

water, there are hot springs to visit, waterfalls and ethnic hill tribe villages to hike to,

and if you’re game, there’s also an abundance of shops hiring out small motorbikes.

Accommodation in Pai

Nowadays there are more top accommodation options in Pai than most of us would

know what to do with. Whether you’re looking for budget guesthouse style lodgings

in the village, something a little more upmarket in the form of a boutique hotel, or the

ambience of an upmarket resort set amongst Pai’s rolling mountains, scenic valleys

and beautiful tropical forests, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking

for in and around beautiful Pai.

Staying in the village is convenient if you’re in town just for a night or two, however, if

you plan to stay a few days or more, consider one of the upmarket resorts located

just outside of Pai. These resorts are surprisingly affordable, especially when booked

online, with the scenery and vistas surrounding them second to none.

Travelling to Pai

With 2,000+ bends on the 135 kilometre road between Chiang Mai and Pai, catching

a bus or minivan is a rolling, swaying, and at times stomach churning, experience

that can take as long as five hours, though most vehicles do it in about 3 ½.

Hiring a car and driving isn’t advisable for foreign tourists because of the number of

sharp bends in the road, unfamiliarity with the way locals drive, and problems with

foreign licenses. Consequently, tourists often look at their other options, like flying

with Budget Lines from our base at Don Muang airport in Bangkok.

One airline now flies between Chiang Mai and Pai, but there are still no scheduled

flights between Bangkok and Pai. This means that if you’re coming from the Thai

capital, you need to stop in Chiang Mai and stay the night there.

Whilst spending a night in Chiang Mai is hardly a problem, if you want to get to Pai

as quickly and directly as possible, consider availing yourself of our safe, convenient

and affordable charter flight service aboard our smart twin propeller Piper Chieftains.

With Budget Lines, Thailand’s premier executive aviation company, you can fly direct

to Pai from anywhere in Thailand affordably, comfortably and in unparalleled luxury

and style.

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